[Sing Together 0.3.0] Add cozy single-player map update!

Hello and welcome to Sing Together, the VR karaoke app that aims to be the Earth's largest karaoke
With the 0.3.0 update, we've added a single-player-only map, see below for more details on the update.

[ ย  Sing Together 0.3.0 Update highlights ]

Added cozy single player map "1 Person Booth"!
Various bug fixes!

[ Added cozy single player map "1 Person Booth"! ]

We've added a new single-player-only map, "1 Person Booth"!
Other maps like Karaoke and Concert Hall are available for single-player.
However, through community feedback, we realized that many players wanted a more intimate experience.
We've added a new single-player-only map, "One Man Booth," that emphasizes smaller spaces and a cozier atmosphere than our previous maps!
Thanks again to Korean musician MJ KIM, who graciously gave us his personal soundproof booth as a reference.
We hope you enjoy it!

[ Various bug fixes... ]

Many bugs have been fixed across the board.
If you're experiencing any additional bugs, we'd love to hear about them on our Discord channel or via email.

[ And finally ]

Thanks for playing.
Stay tuned for the next update! From the Sing Together team
If you want to learn more about Sing Together, join the official Sing Together Discord!