[Sing Together 0.6.0] Update Released


[Sing Together 0.6.0]

Hello, this is VR Karaoke Sing Together, aiming to be the biggest karaoke on Earth.
0.6.0 Key Updates
New map “Yacht” added
Halloween limited microphone & light stick
Customization page added
Partial map renewal
Performance enhancement

[New Map "Yacht"]

We've introduced a new 'Yacht' map offering a diverse experience in multiplayer environments.
The 'Yacht' delivers a joyful karaoke experience among players, accompanied by fireworks shows, lighting shows, and other attractions.
Enjoy the yacht party atmosphere through songs and various entertainments!
Interactive Objects Added
Random Fireworks Box: Enjoy the fireworks show
Lighting Show Table: Admire the dazzling lighting show
Other Objects: Various objects players can pick up and use have been added
Warp Points Introduced: Allows quick movement to various areas within the map

[Halloween Limited Microphone & Light Stick]

Special Halloween versions of microphones and light sticks have been introduced.
These items can be acquired only during the Halloween event period.
The event will conclude on November 9th, 2023 at UTC 0:00.

[Customization Page Added]

With the new customization page, you can freely set the appearance of items such as avatars, microphones, and light sticks.
More customization options, including avatars, microphones, and light sticks, will be added in the future.

[Partial Map Renewal]

The '1 Person Booth' and 'Concert Hall' maps have been renewed.
They now provide a better play experience with enhanced design and functions.

[Performance Enhancement]

Significant improvements have been made to various performance issues such as battery consumption, device heat, and frame drops.
This ensures a more stable and comfortable playing experience.


Thanks for playing. Please look forward to the next update! From the Sing Together team
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