[Sing Together 0.6.1] Update Released


[Sing Together 0.6.1]

Hello, this is VR Karaoke Sing Together, aiming to be Earth’s Biggest Karaoke.
0.6.1 Key Updates
Improved Multiplayer Experience
Enhanced Performance
Bug Fixes

[Improved Multiplayer Experience]

Enhanced various features and diversified experiences within multiplayer.
Enjoy smoother and more seamless multiplayer play!

[Enhanced Performance]

Following up on the 0.6.0 update, we've further improved issues with battery consumption, device overheating, and frame rate drops that were hindering play.
As a result, we're delivering a more stable and comfortable gaming experience.

[Bug Fixes]

Resolved bugs that were disrupting play.
Added bug report system: Sending an anonymous error report when you encounter a bug will greatly assist us in identifying and resolving issues.


Thanks for playing. Please look forward to the next update! From the Sing Together team
If you'd like to know more about Sing Together, please join our official Discord!