[Sing Together 1.1.0] Update Released


[Sing Together 1.1.0]

Hello, this is VR Karaoke Sing Together, aiming to be Earth’s Biggest Karaoke.
1.1.0 Key Update
Basic Tutorial Added
Various Bug Fixes

[Basic Tutorial Added]

A tutorial course to learn basic microphone effects and operations has been added.
This will allow new users who are experiencing SingTogether for the first time to learn more easily and quickly.
Those who are already familiar can skip the process.

[Various Bug Fixes]

We have resolved several known bugs in this update.
A big thank you to the users who reported these issues through Discord and email.
If you encounter any other problems or inconveniences, please let us know!
Thanks for playing. Please look forward to the next update! From the Sing Together team
If you'd like to know more about Sing Together, please join our official Discord!