Meta Avatar Update 0.1.3

Players, please focus! Since its release, we have been keenly interested in Sing Together.
We're listening to the voices of the users.
In this 0.1.3 update, we introduced the main function, meta-avatar. This will make your gestures more realistic. (Avatar lip sync is included!) Please refer to the below for detailed updates.
Additional details
Add Meta Avatar
Increase the maximum number of people in a room to 8
Add stop song function
Singer and room manager can handle it at the bottom of the playlist
Add Oculus Friend Application Feature
Click Participant Profile to register as a friend
Bug fixes and improvements
Fixed an issue where the online room list did not display correctly
Improved song synchronization error
Microphone, light stick size and location improvement
Fix problems with overlapping room avatars
Fixed an issue where room information was not displayed correctly
Fixed an issue where the Steam profile did not display correctly
We are preparing for the next update of the echo function that everyone wants!