Microphone Echo System Update v0.1.4

Thank you for waiting! We added an echo system that many users wanted.
The 0.1.4 update added and improved acoustic systems including microphone echo and reverb. With this update, we invite users to a more realistic karaoke, concert hall! Please refer to the following for detailed updates.
Added Features
Add Echo microphone
You can turn on/off from the Settings > Sound tab
Add spatial acoustics (whole room echo)
Add controller microphone system
Microphone volume increases as the controller gets closer to the mouth
Add another user volume control function
Modifications can be made on the Settings > Sound
Fixed and improved bugs
Relaxation of YouTube song length limit (reservation is available for 12 minutes)
Fix issues that appear as full disclosure in private room information
Fixed an issue where room information did not display the correct number of people
The next update is likely to reveal new content.
Please be looking forward for it!