Many systems and network improvements, adding statistical systems v0.1.5

Release notes
Upgraded song search function !
Upgrade your room system !
Add invitation functionality
Changing the group voice control function
Password setting function
Echo System Update !
Add Statistics System !
Add country selection & upgrade some networks
Fixed a bug …
Hello, everyone
The 0.1.5 update introduces a new statistical system and improves many features, including room systems, networks, and ecosystems.
Please refer to the following for detailed updates.
Additional content
Upgrade your room system!
You can enter your friend's room.
You can invite friends.
(Press Friend Profile to enter/invite)
You can set a password for the room.
Add Statistics System!
The number of songs you sang and the songs you sang the most are counted and displayed.
The number of attendances is displayed.
The system is scheduled for continuous updates.
Country selection function
You can classify by country in the room list.
Fixed and improved bugs
Bug fixes that server connections did not want on background return
Fix problems that don't show your friend's
Improve network errors
Adding Room Information Map Information Display information display
Improved volume control with microphone distance
Please look forward to the next update  
Thank you always : )