0.1.7 Update Note


  0.1.7 Update Highlights

♫ Graphics have been slightly improved and performance has been slightly improved!
♫ Internal system improvements!
♫ Removed social and statistics features…
♫ Added Discord Channel panel!
♫ Removed bad bugs…
Hello everyone, it's been a while since we've released an update.
In the 0.1.7 update, we've made system improvements and removed some features.
Please see below for a detailed update.

Improve graphics slightly

We've completely overhauled our shader technology, making it more colorful than before.
This foundation will allow us to deliver even more stunning graphics in the future.

System improvements

We've made a number of system improvements. Here are some of the highlights
Internal upgrades
Unity Engine updates
Removed frame rate limit
60 frames → 120 frames
Asset updates
Server delay improvements
Improved loading speed

Remove social and statistics features

We have removed the social features that allowed you to request and invite friends to sing with you inside ThingTogether.
We will try to bring it back after further development.
We have removed the statistics system that allows you to check the most sung songs, attendance, number of songs, etc.
We'll try to bring it back after further development.

Add a Discord Channel Panel

On the left side of the lobby, you'll find Discord channels and announcements.

Bug fixes

Many bugs have been fixed across the board.
If you're experiencing any additional bugs, we'd really appreciate it if you could report them via the following Discord channels.

And finally

We apologize for the wait. Thank you as always.
Stay tuned for the next update from the Sing Together team.
If you want to learn more about Sing Together, join the official Sing Together Discord!