[Sing Together 0.2.0] UI Full Change Update

Hello and welcome to Sing Together, the VR karaoke app that aims to be the world's largest karaoke
With the 0.2.0 update, we've done a complete UI overhaul. Please see below for more details on the update.

  Sing Together 0.2.0 Update highlights

♫ UI Full Change!
♫ Enhanced spatial sound
♫ Karaoke map enhancements
♫ Added lobby convenience features
♫ Various bug fixes...

UI Full Change!

After listening to your feedback, we realized that the UI in previous versions wasn't providing a good experience.
To address this, we've been working on rebuilding the UI from the ground up.
You'll notice that the UI is more intuitive and comfortable than before.
We'll continue to make improvements, so please give us your feedback!

Enhanced spatial sound

We've improved the sound system in Karaoke play spaces.
Now you can play with a more spacious feel!

Karaoke map enhancements

We're making the Karaoke map, your favorite place to play, even more immersive.
We've added mirrors so you can see yourself singing and your friends playing with you!

Added lobby convenience features

We've gotten a lot of feedback about the frustration of having to modify options as you play.
We've now added the ability to test and adjust your play sound options in the lobby before entering play.
This makes it easier for you to set the right settings for you!

Various bug fixes...

Many bug fixes across the board.
We hotfixed a bug that caused music to play unevenly, but additional issues have since cropped up and we've fixed them.
If you're experiencing any additional bugs, we'd love to hear about them through the Discord channels below.
We'd like to thank Discord user Ray**** for reporting a bug where the music search keyboard was untouchable.

And finally

Thanks for playing.
Stay tuned for the next update! From the Sing Together team
If you want to learn more about Sing Together, join the official Sing Together Discord!