[Sing Together 0.5.0] Update Released


[Sing Together 0.5.0]

Hello and welcome to Sing Together, the VR karaoke that aims to be the Earth's largest karaoke
In the 0.5.0 update, we focused on enhancing the multiplayer experience.
0.5.0 Key Updates
Multiplayer Experience Improvement
Multiplayer Matchmaking Feature Added
Seat Movement Feature Added

[Improvement in Multiplayer Experience]

To further upgrade the multiplayer experience, we have enhanced the existing system and introduced new features.
With this update, players can now enjoy the more smoothly and enjoyably.
We promise to prioritize and continually improve your gaming experience.
Role Group Classification: It's now easier to define player roles and grant permissions.
Song Sound Sync Improvement: Song and sound synchronization in a network environment has become more precise.
Reservation Feature Improved: The reservation process is now more intuitive and user-friendly.
Participant Control Improved: An avatar management feature for participants has been added, and overall management has become simpler.
Microphone Pass Feature Added: A feature allowing you to easily pass the microphone to a desired player has been introduced.
Various UI/UX improvements have been applied.

[Addition of Multiplayer Matchmaking Feature]

We introduced new features for the convenience of multiplayer matchmaking.
Quick Matching: If there's no available room to enter, you'll automatically be placed in a matchmaking queue. Players will experience a short waiting time before being placed in an appropriate room.
Primary Language Setting: Although playing with players from various language backgrounds can be fun, sometimes language barriers can hinder smooth play. With the primary language setting, you can now let other players know your main language.
Filtering Feature: A filtering feature has been added to quickly find a room that matches your options. Choose a room that fits your play style more easily.
Room Search Feature: A feature to search for rooms by title has been added, making it easier to match with friends. Find your desired room faster.

[Seat Movement Feature Added]

Thanks to the fervent requests from our players, we have introduced a seat movement feature.
Now, not only in single player but also in multiplayer, you can freely move to a desired seat by clicking on it.
This change allows you to experience the map from a more diverse and free perspective.

[ And finally ]

Thanks for playing. Stay tuned for the next update! From the Sing Together team
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